I got my start with this entertainment medium we all know know and love the same way I suspect a lot of people did. What’s that you ask? It was with Dragon Ball Z. Though there are those among you who got their start through newer shows DBZ remains a favorite of mine to this day.

But enough about that. What’s all this about letting it consume your soul you say? That’s my way of looking at all this. There’s so much casual fans miss out on. I’ve met a lot of great friends through anime that I would never have known otherwise. Then you’ve also got anime conventions. Where there are thousands of other people just like you. It’s great not having to worry about what anyone thinks of you and chances are that any person you talk to is going to have at least one thing in common with you. The last convention I went to I spent probably an hour talking to someone I met while watching Log Horizon in the convention lounge. The whole convention was a lot of fun for me and without anime I never would have experienced anything like that. Plus, if I had only been a casual anime fan I probably wouldn’t have gone.

Now, it’s several months after that convention and I’m still just as big of an anime fan as I was then if not more. Still letting it consume my soul. But not so much in an “I watch anime all the time” kind of way. It’s more like a “don’t forget, you’re here forever” type of thing. I may have other things going on in my life but I know anime is always there for me. Who cares what society thinks about that? I’m sure as hell not going to give up on one of my favorite things in life just because someone else doesn’t agree with it, and neither should any of you.