I’m sure we’ve all seen some mecha anime before. From the classic Neon Genesis Evangelion, to relatively newer series like Code Geass and Eureka 7. Then of course, there’s also the famous Mobile Suit Gundam franchise which encompasses way more different series than I can be bothered to count. But in my eyes there’s one series that stands above all the rest. And the name of that anime is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!

“But what makes Gurren Lagann so special?” you might ask. Well it could just be that I haven’t seen very many mecha anime. But that can’t be the whole reason right? 

For one I really like the life lessons it had in it. I know this isn’t the only show that has these things in it but I liked the way they were presented here. Like how you should follow your dreams and fight for what you believe in. Nothing’s impossible so you should never give up no matter what stands in your way. Never giving up and fighting for what you believe in no matter what is the best way to live your life in my opinion. But having that kind of resolve and courage is especially useful when you’re going up against someone who can throw galaxies around like ninja stars. There’s no normal person who could face something like that and still manage to fight it.

Then there are the fights and the designs of the mechs, or “Gunmen” as they’re called. At first I didn’t like the way they looked but they grew on me as I kept watching. They pretty much look like big faces with arms and legs. But once I got used to them I started to realize how awesome they actually were. Sure, maybe there are better looking giant robots out there. But if you don’t like how they look the fights more than make up for it.

In the beginning there really isn’t anything special about about any of the fights in this anime. But they just get more over the top and ridiculous as you go, with the final battle bordering on downright insanity. But that’s just what makes them so amazing. It’ll seem like the enemy is just too strong to beat. But through sheer willpower team Dai Gurren always comes out on top. Even an attack with the force of the big bang wasn’t enough to stop them. Because they kick reason to the curb and do the impossible. That’s the way Team Dai Gurren rolls!

So what do all of you think? Do you like Gurren Lagann as much as I do? Is there a different mecha anime you like more? Let me know what you think in the comments. I’ll talk you all again next time. See ya!