So, you need someone to watch and talk about anime with? Do you have at least one friend? If you do then you’re in luck. Why not try getting your friend into anime. Then you can both have fun watching it together. But how do I do that you ask? Well that’s what I’ll be telling you today. I hope you’re all ready to have friends that are are anime fans like you. If you don’t already have them that is.

You might think you should just show them popular anime. After all, they have a better chance of liking those right? But I say you should do that. Or at least not only that. You should find out what they like first and pick an anime according to that. If you show them something this way there’s an even better chance of them enjoying it. And if they enjoy it they’ll want to find more. That’s just what we want. We want them to start watching more anime so we have something to talk to them about.

Still having a little trouble picking an anime to show them? How about some examples then. Do they like  Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones? Then something like Record of Lodoss War, Berserk, or maybe Claymore might be a good choice. Did they like the Hunger Games series? Then show them something like Future Diary, Btooom, or maybe Deadman Wonderland. None if those are exactly like the Hunger Games but they all have the same basic premise of a game where people are forced to fight to the death. Are they a big fan of horror movies? Then something like Higurashi, Parasyte, Tokyo Ghoul, or Another might be a good choice. I don’t necessarily consider Tokyo Ghoul a horror show but some people do so I put it on this list anyway. Of course, there are way more asked than what I’ve said here that you might want to show your friend. Depending on what they like of course. But there’s too many fur this post so I’ll just leave the rest up to you and how I could at least help a little.

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you liked it. If you were trying to get your friend into anime would you have them watch any of the shows I mentioned? Or would you go the route of just showing them the popular anime? Whichever you choose I wish you luck. Hopefully you’ll have a new otaku friend soon. If not them just keep looking. Thanks for reading everyone and I’ll see you in the next one.