This storofeestarts with 15-year old Satou Yo reaching for a half priced bento in the supermarket. But he gets knocked out and wakes up later to see that all the bento are gone. But it must have been a fluke, there’s no way anything like this would ever happen again right? Wrong, the exact same thing happens the next day. Satou soon finds out about the  world of the “wolves”. In Ben-To wolves are the people who fight over the half-priced bento and leave the weak “dogs” lying on the ground in defeat. In this world where only the strong get to eat You must train under the wolf known as the “Ice Witch” so he can become a wolf himself.

Over the course of the series Satou must fight against a lot of strong opponents as well as making friends among the other wolves. First you’ve got the boar and the storm. The boar is this fat lady  who tries to take all the bento for herself. The storm is a rugby team who also usually gets all the bento whenever they show up. When both show up at the same time most of the wolves just leave the store, thinking they have no chance of winning like this. But a wolf known as “the wizard” encourages Satou to stand up to this new opponent so the bento battle can take place properly. Next you have the group known as the hounds, who are a kendo club that works together to make sure all the members get a bento. They try to recruit Satou and his friend Oshiroi but both of them decide against joining in the end. Because a bento that’s just given to them like that could never taste as good as one they had to fight for. Next we are introduced to Satou’s cousin Ayame who is also a wolf. She challenges Sen but loses because her focus was on the fight rather than the bento itself. The next enemy Satou and the Half-Priced Food Lovers club face is Gabriel Ratchett. A group of wolves led by a wolf who calls himself “Monarch”. The Monarch, Tadaaki Endo, wants revenge against Sen since she is the successor of The Wizard. Sen gets beaten up by the Gabriel Ratchetts on her way to face the Monarch but she shows up to face him anyway. But luckily Ayame and Satou arrive in time and defeat Endo. The last, and strongest, opponent is a duo of wolves known as Orthros. They are actually twin sisters who were driven out of town by someone known as “The Club of Hercules” because they were too strong. Hercules said something like “if a nail sticks out too much to pound down it needs to be pulled out”. Referring to how Orthros is so strong that no other wolves can beat them. So they should just leave and let the other wolves have a fair fight. Hercules convinces the wolves to just let Orthros take a bento and leave so the rest of them can fight. At least until Satou shows up that is. Having run to build up an appetite Satou returns and the wolves are reminded why they fight. After defeating Hercules, Satou gets the twins to join in the fight where it’s shown that the twins aren’t too strong to beat. It turns out the solution wasn’t to pull the nail out but to get a bigger hammer.

Now lets move on to the characters. Starting with the Half-Priced Food Lovers club we have the protagonist Satou Yo. He learns about the world of the wolves after getting knocked out at a supermarket on day while reaching for a bento. He eventually becomes a strong wolf himself. But he doesn’t get a cool nickname like the other wolves and instead gets called “the pervert” because of how he showed up to a bento battle in a girls school uniform one time. Next there’s Oshiroi Hana. Not much of a fighter but she always manages to get herself a bento by sneaking past everyone else. She also like to write yaoi based on the events of the story. There’s also the leader of the club Yarizui Sen, also known as the Ice Witch. She is also the strongest wolf in the west. Lastly we have Kaneshiro Yu, who used to be part of the club. He is the wolf known as the Wizard and the one who convinced Satou to stand up to the boar. He also defeated a wolf called the Monarch Butterfly in the past,  which is why Tadaaki Endo wants revenge against his successor Sen.

Now for the people who aren’t part of the Half-Priced Food Lovers club. First we have Shiraume Ume, the student council president of Satou’s school. She’s obsessed with Oshiroi and always beats up Yo because she’s jealous of the two being friends. Right after hitting a person she always asks if it was alright to do it. Instead of asking beforehand like you’d think someone would. Shaga Ayame is Yo’s half-italian cousin and is also a big gamer just like him. Though she seems to be better than him since she always wins when they play games together. Ayame likes flirting with Yo and Hana and has a friendly rivalry with the members of the Half-Priced Food Lovers club. Inoue Asebi is a classmate of Ayame and is also in the gaming club at her school. But she has extremely bad luck that rubs off on anyone who touches her. But she doesn’t realize this herself and has a happy and somewhat childlike personality. She always seems to have a cold and she might have feelings for Yo since she’s made him cookies and a bento before. Nikaido Ren was once the leader of Gabriel Ratchett as well as being the one who spread Yo’s nickname of “the pervert”. Even though he hasn’t gotten his own nickname yet he is still a strong wolf. Next we have Goatee, Monk, and Brunette. Three wolves from the western territory that we don’t know all that much about. We also have the twins both named Sawagi Kyo, and the Club of Hercules, who chased them out of town for being too strong. Aside from what happened three years ago we don’t know much about Hercules. We know a little bit more about the twins known as Orthros though. They are the student council president and vice-president of Ayame’s school. They decided to become wolves after seeing a bento brawl when they were kids. They became the strongest wolves in their area until Hercules came along. He convinced the other wolves to just let them take a bento which took the fun out of it for them. at least until three years later when they show up again and Satou defeats Hercules. There’s also the Monarch who wants revenge for the Monarch Butterfly, a wolf who was defeated by Yu Kaneshiro, The Wizard. The Wizard also used to be president of the Half-Priced Food Lovers Club. That should be everyone so I hope I’m not forgetting anyone.

I think the animation in this show was done well. All the fight scenes looked really good but the rest could be better. Though it certainly isn’t the worst I’ve ever seen. There isn’t really much else I can say about this. Overall the animation and the art were decent, not the best looking thing out there but definitely not the worst either.

The same goes for the show’s music. I’ve seen other anime with music that I liked better but the songs here seemed fit well with the scenes they were played in. The fights had good music but the same goes for the other parts as well. I also enjoyed both the opening and the ending. Not enough to keep from skipping them altogether but I did watch the openings and endings for a few episodes. If I had been watching this series weekly instead of all at once I probably wouldn’t have skipped them.

And now for my overall impression of the series. I really enjoyed watching Ben-To, even enough to re watch it once or twice. Despite the somewhat simple premise it still managed to be quite entertaining to watch. I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who’s looking for a relatively short action/comedy show.

Thank you for reading everyone, I hope you enjoy this review. It is my first time writing a review though so it might not be very good. But if that’s the case then I’ll try to do better next time. Also, I’m sorry this came out a few days late. I’ll try to get my next post out in around 5 days like usual. As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next one.