Hey everyone, sorry for the wait. Anyways, lets get right into talking about another anime that I really like called Mirai Nikki, that’s Future Diary in english. The story begins with Yukiteru, a loner kid that writes down everything that happens around him in a diary on his phone. He also has an imaginary friend who turns out to be not so imaginary after all. He’s actually the god of space and time and he needs successor. For the purpose of finding a replacement he chooses 12 people who he gives “future diaries” to. Each diary predicts the future in a different way and the 12 diary users must battle it out to decide who gets to become god. There’s only room for one god after all. You find out pretty much all this stuff in episode 1 but beware of spoilers if you choose to continue reading.

Let’s start with the characters, there are quite a few of them so I probably won’t mention all of them. Or even most of them for that matter. I’ll just talk about who I feel like talking about, you’ll have to find out the rest on your own if you haven’t seen the anime already. First is Yuno Gasai, someone you all probably know about as well as my favorite character in the show. Maybe everyone doesn’t feel the same way and maybe I’m just weird for liking a yandere character. But you all have your opinions and I have mine. Let’s try not to let out differences ruin the show for us. She’s in love with the character Yukiteru because of a misunderstanding that happened in the past. He jokingly said they would have to wait until they were older to get married but she took it seriously. She took to watching Yukiteru from afar, stalking him in other words. I don’t know how I would feel about something like this happening to me but I have a feeling I might be able to handle it better than Yukiteru did. But maybe that’s just because I’ve seen this anime and know what to expect. But Yuno seems to know what to expect when it comes to playing this death game, more so than most of the other players. There must be a reason behind that right? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Next is Yukiteru, the other one of our main characters. Like I said before he starts off as a loner who doesn’t really have any friends. He writes stuff down in his cell phone diary, and doesn’t really talk to anyone. Suddenly, after talking with his imaginary friend one day, his diary starts to show entries from the future. At first he only uses it for simple stuff like cheating on a test, or avoiding some bullies. Which is the exact same kind of stuff I would probably use it for, not gonna lie. Don’t know how I would fare in a survival game like this though. Unfortunately things can’t stay simple like that forever. Rarely do things ever turn out that way in a story, or a good one anyway.

While Yuno and Yukiteru had killed another diary user already at this point Uryuu Minene, the terrorist, was the one who really kicked things off. She showed up at their school and threatened to blow everyone up if they didn’t bring Yukiteru to her. When Yukiterudoes get caught and dragged outside Yuno runs to help. Completely disregarding the other students she runs and jumps out a window to attack from above, activating several bombs and killing a few classrooms full of people in the process. But before they can kill her too Uryuu manages to escape but not before losing an eye to one of Yukiteru’s darts. She appears several more times throughout the series, sometimes fighting alongside the main characters, sometimes against them. In the end the detective that was pursuing her asks her to marry him. But he sacrifices himself to save her so we never get to see that happen, at least not in the main timeline. But let’s not get into that right now.

Now for a shorter section about all the other diary holders.

  • 3rd is Yuki and Yuno’s teacher as well as the first to die. But we don’t really know all that much about him. His name is Takao Hiyama.
  • 4th is Keigo Kurusu, a police officer who is first introduced as an ally to Yuki and Yuno but turns against them and tries to win when he realizes his son is going to die in 3 months. His diary is the “criminal investigation diary” and it allows him to see crimes that will be committed in the future
  • 6th is Tsubaki Kasugano, the leader of the Omekata cult. Intoduced as a polite and friendly girls her true colors are soon shown. She wants to become god so she can destroy the world and recreate it how she sees fit. She has the “clairvoyance diary” which allows her to see the future through the eyes of her followers.
  • 5th is Reisuke Houjou, a 5-year-old kid who’s parents were killed by Yuno in the incident at the Omekata temple. His diary can only predict the future three times every and he uses it to try and get revenge on Yuno. When he’s first introduced he seems just like a normal kid, but that isn’t even close to what he’s really like
  • 7th is both Marco Ikusaba and Ai Mikami a couple who both have diaries that work similarly to Yuno’s “Yukiteru Diary”. But this also means that the diaries are pretty much useless if the two are ever seperated.
  • 8th is Kamado Ueshita, a woman who runs an orphanage in Sakurami city and has raised orphans there for 14 years. Among those raised at the orphanage are both the 7th diary users. She has the “blog diary” which can give future diaries to people not involved in the survival game though it doesn’t allow here to see the future herself
  • 10th is Karyuudo Tsukishima, owner of the Sakurami City dog home. His diary allows him to see the future of his dogs and their targets. He is the father of Hinata Hino.
  • 11th is John Bacchus, the mayor of Sakurami City. He was actually the one who came up with the idea for the survival game, not Deus. Which is also why his diary is the most powerful since it can see the future of other diary users. It does have a weakness though, it’s predictions can be fooled by fake diary entries from the other users.
  • Lastly, 12th is Yomotsu Hirasaka, a vigilante who uses his “justice diary” to find crime and injustice. He is also blind so he listens to his diary rather than reading it.

Now that we’re done with the characters let’s move on the music and animation. There isn’t much to say here so I’ll just combine these into one section. Aside from the first opening none of the music really stuck with me that much. It was average, just like the animation in this show was. Nothing really stood out to me here which is okay since I don’t think the animation or soundtrack was the major selling point of the anime. That would be the story. I found it interesting though I doubt everyone agrees with me there. It does have it’s bad points but I was able to overlook all that. Whether you will do the same is up to you. I suppose liking yandere characters may have helped when it comes to liking or disliking the show. But that’s probably just me. But would I recommend this to someone else? Of course I would. They can always just stop watching if they don’t like it.

Anyway, I hope you all like my latest post. Sorry again for the longer than normal wait, I’ll be trying to get a post up at least once a week from now on. I hope you’re looking forward to the next post, I’ll see you all there.