Alright, so today is going to be a little bit different from my usual posts. It isn’t really anime related, this is just a book I’m considering writing. I just want to know what you guys think of it. If you like it I could post a chapter here each week or something. If not, well I’ll still probably write it, I just won’t post it here if it isn’t something you guys want to see. Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s get into this.

Sometime in the near future a boy discovers the truth behind Heaven and Hell while attempting to summon a demon. Neither place is as it seems. Heaven only seems perfect on the surface, anyone looking from the outside could never imagine what’s really going on there. You see, a perfect world, and free will, are two things that can never exist in harmony. God has taken away the free will of all those people that have died and gone to heaven. At least on the surface that is. But even God it’s not as all powerful as he’s led the humans to believe. Even he can’t alter his creations after they already exist. The most he can do is manipulate them by controlling their actions, but not even god can take away the people’s control over their own thoughts. So all the people in heaven are constantly suffering, unable to act against God no matter how much it pains them to obey his command.

Hell, on the other hand, is not the world of eternal torment that it is made out to be. Hell is really the place where God imprisoned the angels that rebelled against him. You’re probably familiar with the leader of these rebel angels. His name was Satan, and he fought against God to free the angels and the souls of the dead from tyranny. But he was defeated and God cast him and all his followers into Hell. God called them demons and got the people to fear them so that no one would help them rise against him again.

But everything changes when this boy talks with Satan and learns God’s true nature. God is actually a tyrannical ruler who keeps his subjects in line by robbing them of their ability to act according to their thoughts. Their free will isn’t completely eradicated though, they do still have control of their thoughts. But it’s pointless if they can’t act in the way they choose to.

It’s difficult for the boy to trust Satan at first though. He hadn’t been raised in a super religious household but his family definitely did believe the things written in the bible and they dragged him along when they went to church on sundays. According to Satan all those things the church had taught him were lies fed to the humans by God in order to keep the truth hidden. But when Satan showed the boy around Hell he began to realize that maybe the things Satan was saying were actually true. Satan and his demons had fought back against God’s torturers and driven them out of hell. Satan now ruled hell and did his best to give the people who were sent there a good life. Of course, the people who committed evil deeds in their lifetime were punished accordingly. Not tortured, just imprisoned for an amount of time fitting their crimes during their life. For example, if you killed someone during your life you would be imprisoned for 100 years in hell. An extra 100 years was added for every death you were directly responsible for. For another example, Hitler given 600 million years in a prison in hell, 100 years for each of the 6 million deaths he was responsible for.

Satan may have gained his freedom from but he can’t just leave the rest of the souls in heaven to suffer like that forever.That’s where the boy comes in. Satan cannot leave hell on his own. But if he became one with a human it might be possible using their combined strength. But there’s one problem with that. No human has ever before had a greater affinity for the supernatural, or a strong enough soul to keep from being destroyed when merging with a being as powerful as himself. But for whatever reason this average looking boy seemed to have what it would take to become one with the devil himself.

With the power of Satan in a physical body a new being of unimaginable power is born. This new being rallies an army of demons and human souls given physical form. With this army they march on heaven to overthrow God and release the human souls from their suffering. With that the being that was born from the boy merging with Satan takes God’s place and judges the souls of the dead fairly. The evildoers are punished accordingly and the rest of the people are allowed to keep their free will.

This is where the story ends. If you want me to post this here on my blog as I write it just let me know. I don’t know how long it’ll run for but I guess we’ll find out if you guys want me to write it. Hope you like it, I’ll see you in the next one.