Alright then, let’s talk about a more recent anime this time. I really enjoy romance anime though I don’t often find a really good series that I like as much as this one. A lot of romance anime, even the good ones, have the same problems. There always seem to be these pointless misunderstandings that could be easily resolved if people would just talk to each other. They don’t need to completely disappear, the characters just need to handle these things better. Another thing that bothers me is all the will they or won’t they stuff that a lot of these shows have. You’ve got a whole 12-24 episode anime and sometimes the main characters don’t even get together by the end of it. If there’s going to be all this build up with no closure at the end then why even watch the show.

Part of the reason I liked Tsuki ga Kirei as much as I did was because it didn’t have all those problems that you generally see in romance anime. At least not to the same degree that they exist in other shows. The two main characters Kotaro Azumi and Akane Mizuno are already dating a few episodes in. The show mainly focuses on how their relationship develops, rather than on them getting together in the first place. It’s too bad that there aren’t many anime that do this because this is my favorite kind of romance anime. Or maybe there are more like this that I just haven’t seen yet, who knows.

I also like how the relationship is portrayed at least somewhat realistically. Things don’t always turn out exactly the way the characters want them to, though the ending was a happy one in my opinion. For example, Kotaro doesn’t end up getting into the same school as Akane. He studies hard and does his best but still doesn’t pass the entrance exam. Akane also has to move away because of her dad’s job. Luckily though they manage to stay together despite living far a part and not going to the same school anymore. In the ending scene of the final episode you get to see a bit of what happens after the end of the series. I was happy to see that they eventually get married and have a kid. Long distance relationships don’t always work out so well but once in a while it’s nice to see one that does.

The music and animation weren’t really anything to write home about. They weren’t bad per se, just average. You might like the music more than I did or you might hate it. You’ll never know until you watch it. But you don’t watch a romance anime, or any anime for that matter, for the music or animation. You watch it for the story, and Tsuki ga Kirei has one of the best stories of the anime I’ve recently seen. I’d highly recommend you watch it, unless you just can’t stand romance anime for some reason. But if that’s the case then you probably didn’t even read this post.

I hope you all like this review. Hopefully it’s better than some of my other ones, because I wrote this shortly after finishing the anime. Unlike the other reviews where I hadn’t seen the shows in a while when I wrote them. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this and are looking forward to the next one, whatever that may be. My next post is probably going to be another chapter of my book. As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next one.